With families in mind...

How your children's teeth are cared for from an early age has a big impact on how they look after their teeth as they grow up.

The Dencap family service focuses on prevention rather than cure and encourages good tooth care from an early age.

If you are an existing member of Dencap, or become a member of a Dencap Scheme, then your dependents are entitled to free membership of Dencap whilst they are less than 18 years of age. They get the benefits of a Dencap Scheme as well as a discount on selected private treatments.

In addition, separate family days are available to encourage a stress-free environment especially for those who get nervous when they see the dentist.

Big Bad Wolf Club

For younger children we've also organised the Big Bad Wolf educational days in school holidays. For details of the Dencap for kids scheme, please see the Dencap for kids section of this website.

your family

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